How I Got Over 10,000 Sessions/Month from Pinterest Alone [Pinterest Traffic Case Study]

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In this Pinterest Traffic Case Study, I’ll be showing you how I got to over 10,000 sessions/month on my travel blog from Pinterest alone!

When I first started my travel blog, Addie Abroad, back in 2016, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even get Google Analytics installed until almost a year in!

And once I did get Google Analytics installed, well… let’s just say the results weren’t pretty.

I was getting practically 0 traffic. Like, my mom and a few random people who somehow stumbled into my little corner of the internet levels of traffic.

How the heck was I going to fix this???

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. I didn’t figure out the secret for a long time. My traffic kept puttering along for a good while after this realization.

But what this realization did do was cause me to actually start educating myself in blogging and how to drive traffic to my blog. And eventually, I discovered one of the secret ingredients: Pinterest.

Over time, I learned more and more about how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog, and eventually was able to grow my traffic from Pinterest to a consistent 10,000+ sessions/month.

Here’s how I did it.

Pinterest Traffic Case Study: The Beginning

When I first got started using Pinterest for my blog, all I really did was create a Pin image for my blog posts and pin it to my “Best Of” board. I didn’t even optimize my pin description–I just left it as the title of the blog post!

But even with that seriously minimal effort, I saw a rise in my blog traffic – and it was almost exclusively coming from Pinterest.

In fact, just three months after that fated day of installing Google Analytics, I was already seeing 1,000 sessions/month coming from Pinterest!

Of course, in the grand scheme of things this really is not a lot of traffic. But at the time it seemed monumental – because it was. I had finally found a way to drive traffic to my blog!

Pinterest Traffic Case Study: The Learning Period

After seeing some success without putting much effort at all into Pinterest, I decided to start focusing my efforts on this search engine/social media platform (lol jk it’s just a search engine but I didn’t know that at the time) and learn more about how I could really use it to my advantage.

And with each new thing I learned, my traffic started to grow more and more.

Taking a Pinterest Course

The biggest thing I did for growing my Pinterest traffic was to invest in a Pinterest Course: Slaying Pinterest Traffic.

This was in October of 2018, and as I started to implement the strategies that I learned in the course, optimizing my descriptions, scheduling in Tailwind, and “launching” each new pin that I put out, I started to see some serious traction with Pinterest.

I was still a university student at this point, so didn’t have a huge amount of time to dedicated to Pinterest, but my January I was starting to see some serious growth, and in March of 2019 I hit 11,000 sessions from Pinterest ALONE (17,000 sessions total)!

And that summer, I consistently saw over 10,000 sessions coming from Pinterest each month.

Evening Out

Going into my last year of university, I kept my Pinterest strategy pretty minimal, using Tailwind to schedule out pins and Tribes to get my pins out into the world.

Since I wasn’t doing anything major, I didn’t see much growth during this period, but I still kept up the same amount of traffic that I had been seeing (with dips for seasonality and a BIG dip in March with COVID when people stopped traveling).

I’m currently working on getting my Pinterest traffic back up from the dip by focusing on US and road trip content, since that’s what people are looking for, and have definitely started to see the effects, so I’ll be sure to keep this post updated with how things go as time goes on.

So there you have it: a Pinterest traffic case study in how I grew my travel blog to over 10,000 sessions/month from Pinterest alone.

Although things were definitely slow-going for me, this had a lot to do with the fact that I was learning as I went along, and now that I actually know what I’m doing I’ve been able to grow several other Pinterest accounts incredibly quickly – but more on that later!

Are you ready to start seeing this type of traffic on your website? Contact me to talk about how I can help you with my Pinterest management services!

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