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Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite clients of all time: Maddie!

Maddie is a brand photographer and coach for creative entrepreneurs who loves helping creative women discover their magic and build irresistible brands.

Over the past year of working together, we’ve become each other’s biggest cheerleaders – and her traffic from Pinterest has increased by 110%!!

Let’s talk about how we made that happen…


For some reason I’ve always gotten along extremely well with Maddies (it’s probably because our names rhyme!), so when Maddie and I first met way back at the end of January 2021, I knew we would be fast friends.

What I didn’t know was just how much of a partnership we would develop and how well her Pinterest account was going to start performing!

In fact, over the last year, she’s referred several new clients to me AND Pinterest has become the largest traffic driver to her site by a mile!


When Maddie first came to me last year, she had a Pinterest account that was largely geared towards her wedding photography.

But since getting started on Pinterest, she had made a huge shift from wedding photography to focusing more on personal brand photography and business coaching for creative entrepreneurs – a totally different ballgame!

Not only that, but she had several viral pins that were bringing her tons of impressions and saves, but they weren’t actually leading to very many clicks to her website – and they definitely weren’t bringing people to the part of her website that she wanted them to go to!

One year later, some of those viral pins are STILL going strong (the power of Pinterest is STRONG in those ones), but we’ve also built up a huge bank of pins that lead to content that is relevant to the new direction her business is taking, and those are steadily climbing up the ranks to become her top pins. AND they’re actually bringing the RIGHT kind of traffic to her website.


Maddie first reached out to me because we were both active in some of the same woo-woo communities on Instagram.

When we hopped on a discovery call, she told me that she had a VA doing a little bit of Pinterest work here and there, but that she really wanted to go all-in with an expert so that her Pinterest could become a client-generating machine.

Thankfully, we were totally on the same page and I jumped right into making that happen!


The first thing that I did when diving into Maddie’s Pinterest account was completely re-optimize the whole thing for her new ideal client.

Instead of boards on all sorts of wedding topics, I shifted them to focusing more on entrepreneurship and branding, specifically.

This included making some of her non-relevant boards secret and then doing a bunch of keyword research + creating new, search engine optimized boards for her.

Psst. You can learn how to do this for yourself inside of my mini-course, Pinterest Set-Up Secrets!

We also updated her profile to reflect her new niche.

From there, it was all-in on Pinning.

I started with her top non-wedding-related content, creating new pins for old posts that had performed well. Then, it was on to her most recent posts and lead magnets.

Recent pins for Maddie

With her package, I posted 2 fresh pins every single day – and we saw the results quickly. 

The Results

In the first month, her impressions increased by 57.29% and her outbound clicks increased by 12.76%.

Now, almost a year later, her outbound clicks have increased by over 110% to 2k+ every month, and Pinterest is the largest traffic driver to her website.

Not only that, but the traffic that she’s getting from Pinterest is highly interested in what she does, meaning they’re much more likely to buy her products or become a client!

Here’s what Maddie has to say about the experience thus far:

“I hired Addie to take over my Pinterest strategy for my business and she has exceeded my expectations. She does such a great job of repurposing content I’m already creating on other platforms and using it to grow my Pinterest reach and following. Pinterest is now the biggest traffic source on my website which blows me away!”

P.S. Want to hear me and Maddie dive DEEP into Pinterest? Listen to me on her podcast, Take it Personally!


Click here to book a discovery call with me about Pinterest management!

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