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Have you ever looked at your business and realized that you’re relying entirely on one platform (maybe Instagram) to get all of your sales?

That’s how my client Jessica felt when she first came to me. 

Thankfully, we were able to turn things around and now she’s getting passive sales randomly and tons of downloads of her podcast!

Let’s talk about how we made that happen…

The Story of Jessica

Jessica is a high-ticket sales and leadership coach who helps online business owners get booked with premium high-ticket clients.

She’s best known for her High-Ticket High-Impact brand and is honestly an absolute QUEEN at sales.

Getting Out of the Instagram Bubble

Before we started working together, she had seen HUGE success in focusing in on Instagram as her main marketing and sales platform.

But, as she was growing, she wanted to step out of that Instagram bubble that she had created for herself.

So, she went all-in – starting a podcast and hiring me to get on Pinterest all in one go.

She was ready to amp up her leadership and Pinterest was the place to do it!

Why Jess Chose Addie Gray Digital

At the time, I was actually a part of Jess’ membership, and talking with her about my business is what got her really interested in getting on Pinterest.

So, when she decided to take the leap and get out of her Instagram bubble, she came straight to me.

Using My Pin to Prosper Framework for Pinterest Success

I follow a 5-step framework called with Pin to Prosper framework with all of my clients, and since Jessica was coming in with a completely new account, it went off without a hitch.

The Pin to Prosper Framework follows these 5 steps:

  • Plan – Plan out exactly *how* you’re going to make money on Pinterest: the content you’re going to create and the keywords you’re going to target.
  • Prepare – Prepare your Pinterest account for major traffic by finding your keywords and setting up your boards.
  • Produce – Compile your content plan + create all of the content so you’re ready to post it!
  • Publish – Schedule out your pins!
  • Prosper – Watch as the traffic starts to grow. Use analytics to see what’s working and let that inform your strategy moving forward.

For Jessica, this looked like sitting down to plan out exactly how she was going to make money on Pinterest (by funneling people to her podcast and email freebie).

Then, I created her boards and optimized her account to target the people that would be most interested in her content and what she had to offer.

From there, it was all about creating content that lead to those two things: her podcast and her email freebie.

As more and more traffic started to come in month after month, I was also able to see what was working and focus more on that to exponentially increase her results.

The Results

After just a few months of working together, Jessica says that she was “getting passive sales randomly” and “tons of podcast downloads” – all because of Pinterest!

And not only that, but her Instagram community was growing without her even trying – a fringe benefit that I rarely even talk about when it comes to reasons to be on Pinterest.

I mean, how much of a dream does that sound like?

Here’s what Jessica has to say about the whole experience:

“I hired Addie because I wanted to get break out of the Instagram bubble and I felt Pinterest was a good place to start. Now, I’m getting passive sales randomly and my podcast is getting a ton of downloads. Even my Instagram community is growing without my trying!”

Are you ready to break out of the Instagram bubble, too?

Click here to learn more about Pinterest coaching.

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